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2023 Oscar Nominations, Updated Live

Awards Season here, to the joy of movie an TV addicts out there. In many ways this time of year ends with the grande finale: The Academy Awards. While that star-studded event is set to be broadcast in March, there will be a few months where the Film Academy voters will get to pick out a choice from a set of nominees. Today is Oscar nomination day, so buckle up.

The Academy Award nominations are always a hot button issue in the film world. While it celebrates the best of the film, there’s always some notable snubs that rub people the wrong way. Either way the wait is over, and the noms are rolling in. Here’s how it all shook out, including popular releases like Top Gun: Maverick, Everything Everywhere All at Once, and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The Film Academy’s noms go as follows:

Best Picture

Best Director

Best Actress

Best Actor

Angela Bassett in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Best Supporting Actress 

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