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Adapting Stephen King’s Firestarter: How The 2022 Remake Tries To Follow The More Faithful 1984 Movie

Stephen King remakes have been a thing since 1997 when the author made his own adaptation of The Shining as an ABC miniseries, and while we’ve seen plenty others produced and released in the years since then, one imagines that we’re probably going to see a whole lot more in the near future. Any Constant Reader will point out that there are still a number of novels, novellas and short stories that haven’t been translated to live-action yet (not to mention the fact that King is still publishing at least one book annually), but that’s certainly not a fact that’s going to stop Hollywood from keeping an eye on the classics and calculating whether or not it’s time for younger generations to get something different.

It feels like a wave has been growing since the release of Andy Muschietti’s IT in 2017, which has been followed by remakes of Pet Sematary and The Stand in the last few years, and new versions of Salem’s Lot, Christine, The Dark Half, The Running Man and more populate the list of upcoming Stephen King movies and TV projects. Keith Thomas’ Firestarter is obviously a part of this trend as well.

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