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Anne Heche’s Son Atlas Tupper Breaks Silence About His Mother’s Death

The public was shocked this summer when actress Anne Heche tragically passed away, following a fiery car crash and a few days in the hospital. Since then fans and co-stars alike have reminisced about her talents, as the matter of her estate was worked out in court. Heche left behind two children: Homer Laffoon and Atlas Tupper. The latter son is 13 years old, and recently broke his silence about his mother’s death. 

Anne Heche died on August 12th, due to smoke inhalation and injuries from her car crash. Given to the surprising nature of this incident, she didn’t have a will prepared at the time of her death. As such, the family has since made headlines due to a legal battle over her estate, as well as custody of Atlas Tupper. While it seems that’s been settled for the time being, both Atlas and his father James Tupper recently participated in the Los Angeles Inquisitor’s tribute to the late actress. In this story Atlas is quoted, saying:

My mom was the brightest person I’ve ever known. She always knew how to solve a problem, or help a friend. She always knew the right thing to do. I cannot put into words how grateful I am or how much I miss her.

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