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FBI: Most Wanted Revisited An Old Grudge For Remy, And The Fallout Could Get Ugly

Spoilers ahead for Episode 11 of FBI: Most Wanted Season 4, called “Crypto Wars.”

FBI: Most Wanted is never the most cheerful show in primetime, so perhaps Remy’s heartwarming moment with his sister Claire in the first few minutes of “Crypto Wars” should have been a clue that his life would be all but turned upside down by the time the final credits rolled. After closing a case involving explosions, kidnapping, murder, and one son who helped save his dad (and the day), Remy had to revisit his grudge against the man who killed his brother years ago, which he initially revealed back in his very first episode. Based on how the scene went down, it’s hard to imagine that the fallout won’t be bad. 

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