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Frasier Revival Is Taking A Page From Night Court’s Playbook With Latest Casting

After nearly 20 years off the airwaves, Frasier is coming back into our lives, but it’ll look quite a bit different from last time. Rather than Frasier Crane being joined by Niles, Daphne and Roz again (Martin was never an option since John Mahoney passed away in 2018), Kelsey Grammer is starring with a lineup of new faces in the revival heading to Paramount+ subscribers. However, one of the newest Frasier castings is taking a page from Night Court’s playbook by having one of the show’s lead characters be the offspring of some folks from the original Frasier.

As those who are watching the new Night Court on NBC know, The Big Bang Theory’s Melissa Rauch stars as Judge Abby Stone, the daughter of Harry Anderson’s Harry Stone, the lead character from the original Night Court who, like the actor who played him, passed away. Well, while we don’t know how David Hyde Pierce’s Niles and Jane Reeves’ Daphne are doing these days, we’ll soon get to know their son/Frasier’s nephew quite well like Night Court viewers are doing with Abby. Variety has revealed that Anders Keith has been cast in Frasier as David Crane, who was born in the original Frasier’s two-part series finale.

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