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James Bond secrets: The bizarre way Sean Connery prepared himself for 007 love scenes | Films | Entertainment

Gambon told the 007 producer: “I can’t play James Bond because I’m bald, I’ve got a double chin and I’ve got girl’s t**s.”

However, Cubby replied: “Well so’s Sean Connery. So we put a wig on him and we put two leather bags on his chest before the take when you’re naked with the girls. They put two leather bags full of ice on your breasts and you go [makes breathing in sound]. And then the man comes in just before the action and takes the bags off.

Then Sean Connery has a beautiful flat chest and he has false teeth and all this [referring to his wig]. So you could well do it.” But Gambon added: “But he didn’t offer it me!”

This wasn’t the only time Connery had strange set methods, as he often liked to act without his trousers on.

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