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Jung_E: What To Know About Netflix’s Dystopian Action Thriller Before You Watch

It is always refreshing to see someone known for making great horror movies follow-up their successful scares with something different, much like some of Yeon Sang-ho’s work since making one of the best Asian horror movies in recent memory, Train to Busan. The latest from the South Korean filmmaker — who got started making anime — is a new original Netflix movie called Jung_E, which is unlike anything he has done before and has captivated audiences since it dropped. See why in our spoiler-free breakdown what there is know about the streaming hit before you check it out yourself.

Jung_E Is A South Korean, Futuristic Sci-Fi Thriller

Yeon’s third Netflix exclusive project — after the 2018 fantasy comedy Psychokinesis and Netflix original horror TV show Hellbound from 2021 — Jung_E takes place in the 22nd Century when, years after mankind fled an uninhabitable Earth to set up shelters in outer space, a civil war broke out. Captain Yun Jung-yi (Kim Hyun-joo) rose to fame leading the Allied Forces to victory against the rebellious Adrian Republic until a failed mission left her comatose. Years after her family chose to have her consciousness digitized, a major tech company begins cloning her brain in hopes to create the perfect combat A.I., nicknamed Jung_E.

At Its Core, It Is Really A Mother/Daughter Story

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