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Madonna Biopic Gets Hung Up At Universal After Hopeful Actors Went To Hours-Long, ‘Intense’ Choreography Sessions

For almost three years, development on a Madonna biopic has been progressing at Universal, with the woman herself commanding the director’s chair. While it may not have been a prospect to join the 2023 new movie releases, the work being done to bring her story to the screen was intense and included hours-long choreography sessions for those hoping to take part in the near future.

It sounds like all that work was for naught though, as the picture that was positioned to star Ozark’s Julia Garner has been hung up. The timing may be suspect to some, as the pop legend had recently announced a world tour playing her greatest hits. THR’s reporting has seemingly debunked any theories that this tour was the reason for cancelling what would have been a Madonna-directed project.

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