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The Bonkers Way Rian Johnson’s New Show Poker Face Directly Connects To Benoit Blanc’s Story In Glass Onion

Rian Johnson has been doing well in the murder-mystery genre, as Glass Onion continues to have the internet finding new clues, like a major hint to its biggest twist. The online chatter had kept the mystery comedy in Netflix’s Top 10. While the sequel maintains a tremendous presence, Johnson has moved on to his next mystery-themed project with the upcoming Peacock series Poker Face. Even though the projects are vastly different, there is a connection between these two that viewers might not get at first outside of Johnson himself. The Knives Out director pointed out the bonkers way the upcoming series is connected to Benoit Blanc’s Glass Onion story.

The Oscar-nominated director spilled about the Poker Face/Glass Onion connection to Variety while promoting the new show. It all had to do with beloved actress Natasha Lyonne, who leads Poker Face. Johnson pointed out the pivotal scene in Glass Onion where a sulking Benoit Blanc was playing a game with his celebrity friends in his bathtub, and mentioned how Lyonne’s cameo tied the two properties together:

You ready for a real kind of reality twist? So in the cameo in Glass Onion, she’s playing herself — but she’s in hair and makeup as Charlie in her trailer in between setups on the set on the set of Poker Face. So in the world of Glass Onion, Poker Face is a show that his friend Natasha is shooting. It’s a twisted web that we weave.

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