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The Flight Attendant: Callie Hernandez Praises Kaley Cuoco’s Work Ethic

For years Kaley Cuoco’s name was synonymous with her iconic role in The Big Bang Theory. But since that sitcom ended she’s been making moves, including her Emmy-nominated role in HBO Max’s The Flight Attendant, in which she’s also a producer. Her co-star Callie Hernandez, who plays Gabrielle Diaz, spoke to CinemaBlend about the series, praising Cuoco’s work ethic in the process.

Actress Callie Hernandez has been keeping busy lately in both TV and film, and is part of the killer ensemble cast of Jennifer Lopez’s Shotgun Wedding (opens in new tab). As you can see in the video above, I had the privilege of speaking with the movie’s cast ahead of its release on Amazon Prime. I asked Hernandez about her experiencing work with actor-producers like JLo and Kaley Cuoco, and she opened up by saying:

She also is super hard working. Both Kaley Cuoco and Jennifer Lopez, watching them makes me tired. Because I don’t know how they do everything that they do. I genuinely do not. So kudos to them, and happy to be a part of anything with anyone who works that hard.

That’s some high praise. It’s one thing to be at the top of the call sheet for a major movie or TV production, but it’s another thing to be leading the set as a producer. It requires a special set of skills (including endurance) that Callie Hernandez has witnessed in both Jennifer Lopez and Kaley Cuoco. And it sounds like she’s ready to collaborate with either of them again, thanks to that impressive work ethic.

Kaley Cuoco and Callie Hernandez in The Flight Attendant, side by side.

(Image credit: HBO Max)

Callie Hernandez’s comments about Kaley Cuoco show how much of an impact she made during their collaboration on The Flight Attendant. She entered the dark comedy in its second season on HBO Max, playing the mysterious antagonist Gabrielle. Hernandez would ultimately appear in 6 episodes of the acclaimed series. Unfortunately it’s still unclear if it’ll end up returning to the streaming service for Season 3.

As previously mentioned, Callie Hernandez has a role in the highly anticipated upcoming comedy Shotgun Wedding, which is getting its wide release on Amazon Video (see what critics thought here). She plays the sister of Jennifer Lopez’s protagonist Darcy, and gets some truly funny scenes opposite Jenny From the Block. During my interviews with the cast, they universally praised JLo as both a co-star and as a producer on the film.

Jennifer Lopez and Callie Hernandez sharing a drink in Shotgun Wedding

(Image credit: Amazon )

Besides Jennife Lopez, Callie Hernandez got to work with a cast full of icons for Shotgun Wedding, which was filmed at the height of the pandemic. Josh Duhamel is the co-protagonist with JLo, with other big names including recent Emmy winner Jennifer Coolidge, the iconic Cheech Marin, multitalent Lenny Kravitz, The Good Place’s D’Arcy Carden, and the one and only Sônia Braga. And each of them gets a chance to steal the show throughout the film’s 100-minute runtime.

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