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Tyler Posey Shares The Moment He Knew Scott And Allison Would Be An ‘Everlasting’ Romance In Teen Wolf

Few television series have the kind of longevity of Teen Wolf. After the MTV show produced one hundred episodes across six seasons, much of the Teen Wolf cast is back for Teen Wolf: The Movie. And in a shakeup fans certainly didn’t see coming, Crystal Reed’s Allison Argent, one of the series’ biggest characters who was previously killed off, is back for it. In honor of this, CinemaBlend went down memory lane with Reed and Tyler Posey about the long-running romance between Scott and Allison. 

As Teen Wolf’s creator previously teased, Allison Argent is revived after her father, JR Bourne’s Chris Argent, gets these mysterious visions that lead him to believe she has not crossed over to the other side. It gives Scott and Allison another chance after she previously died in his arms back in Season 3. When recalling the first time he realized the weight of Scott and Allison’s TV romance, Tyler Posey told us this:  

I mean, it’s tough because while you’re filming, you don’t really acknowledge how much weight it carries with the fans. So, you don’t really know what they’re experiencing. But I think for me it was the line where we’re breaking up, that moment was beautiful, you know? Werewolves don’t exist, true love doesn’t exist or whatever. And so that, that to me really felt even at that age, I was like 20 I think, I was able to be like, whoa, this is in, this is heavy. This is, this is everlasting forever. You know, and then we went through our own little, you know, went our separate ways and all of that. But, uh, it, that’s when I was, it felt just like the perfect Romeo and Juliet sort of story.

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