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Universal Studios Hollywood Performer Hospitalized After Apparent Stunt Gone Wrong

Theme parks are supposed to be places where guests can have thrilling experiences that appear to be dangerous, but in reality, are perfectly safe. But sometimes accidents happen, and so do real injuries. That can happen to the guests if something goes wrong with an attraction, but it can also occur to the people working in the park. This has been shown through a Universal Studios stunt performer who has been hospitalized following a tragic turn of events during the show WaterWorld—A Live Sea War Spectacular.

KTLA reports that the incident took place during an afternoon performance of the WaterWorld stunt show on Monday. As part of the performance, a stuntman falls from a high tower and splashes into the water below. However, he did not resurface as expected. According to officials, the man was given CPR and was conscious before being transported to the hospital, but his current condition is unknown.

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