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Meet the family behind ‘Texas Thighs,’ an account for a mom’s salacious photos (when it isn’t getting banned)

And in her personal life, Courtney says, she has dealt with everything from online impersonation to family members saying she’ll “go to hell” for her Instagram account.

“Both our parents are not church people, but all of a sudden they’re spiritual and sending us Bible verses,” said Nick, a full-time photographer and social media co-manager.

Still, they say, they are financially secure and happier than ever, thanks to their new lifestyle. 

Courtney’s booming online career sets her apart in suburban Fort Worth, where she is often recognized around town by fans. Inside Courtney and Nick’s home, surrounded by framed family photos and Dallas Cowboys merchandise, they shared the highs and lows of their new normal.

“It’s all so new, this influencer-slash-model thing,” Courtney said. “Under taxes, I’m classified as a model, but it’s not the normal sense of the word. I’m a self-made entrepreneur. I run my own Maxim.”

A day in the life of ‘Texas Thighs’

Morning in Courtney’s house starts with green juice. Her daughters take turns measuring the nutritional powders and dumping them in the blender. The four family members gather around the gleaming kitchen island for breakfast before the day begins.

The girls, 13 and 16, then head upstairs for school — they go to online school, and have since before the pandemic or their mother’s newfound fame online —  before Courtney changes into a green lingerie set to shoot content.

On the Wednesday before St. Patrick’s Day, the photoshoot location was the dining room table. Courtney hopped onto the shiny surface and laid flat on her stomach, then lifted her hips into the air and arched her back, staring into the camera on Nick’s phone. Courtney posts mild content compared to many OnlyFans creators. Rarely, she’ll flash her nipple, but nothing more.

“Those are great, I want to try some closer,” Nick said.

Once Courtney is satisfied with the boudoir-style photos, she and Nick start making content for other social media platforms. They take a break for lunch with the girls after creating some TikTok videos that merge the “Texas Thighs” brand with whatever sounds are trending. 

The central theme of Courtney’s social media presence, besides her body, is her playful love for her family. It’s a counter-narrative to the stigmas attached to her career and the idea that being an OnlyFans talent could hurt her children — but one that she said the people in her life have had trouble accepting. She said one of her best friends has asked her three times if she has to do porn. A family member asked if she was letting her daughters post similar content.

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