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Inside Prince Charles’ ‘new sense of duty’ – future king made history with today’s speech

The body language expert highlighted how Charles has undergone an “evident shift” while taking on more and more royal duties, and this was clear at Parliament on Tuesday.

Mr Stanton explained: “We are beginning to see a new side to Charles, there has been an evident shift of emotion and reverence in his mind.”

While Charles has waited a long time to be King, it is likely he will follow the example set by his ever-popular mother by honouring royal traditions.

The body language expert highlighted: “That said, it’s clear Charles is going to embrace the same ideals the Queen has done throughout her 70-year reign, he’ll honour tradition and royal protocol.

“Much like we have seen with Kate Middleton’s character evolving, it will be interesting to see the development of Charles as he continues to act on behalf of the Queen and move ever closer to becoming King.”

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