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Sarah Ferguson shares her unusual nickname for Queen Elizabeth

Sarah Ferguson, also known as Fergie, knew Queen Elizabeth II since the 1980s and was married to her son, Prince Andrew for a decade. During the Henley Literary Festival earlier this week, Fergie, who was discussing her book, spoke about the relationship she had with the late monarch and how they remained close, even after her divorce from the Duke of York. During the conversation, the Duchess revealed the playful nickname she had for her late mother-in-law. 

According to The Telegraph, the Queen gave the Duchess of York her blessing to write Mills & Boon novels. 

Sarah’s debuted novel, Her Heart for a Compass, which was co-authored with Marguerite Kaye, is loosely based on the life of the Duchess’ ancestor, Lady Magaret Montagu Douglas Scott. 

Days after it was published, she signed another book deal to create “another period drama” novel – the release date is yet to be announced. 

When speaking about her venture into writing, Sarah said: “I wouldn’t do anything unless the boss gave me her blessing though, and still to this day, I think about that.” 

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“But I think she was so proud that we did it. And that’s just huge for me. She was just very, very special. I gave it to her in French as well.

“And then, when I went to Italy she said ‘don’t give it to me in Italian because I don’t read Italian. But she did read French.”

Whether or not the Queen read the book in either language remains unknown. 

“While she did speak French, unnamed Buckingham Palace sources told the publication it would be tricky to know either way.

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Sarah’s “boss” nickname for the Queen is different to that mentioned in her 1996 book, My Story. 

At the time, the Duchess revealed she used to call the Queen “mama”. 

“In private, I called her mama… When she waved me to sit next to her in the car or at church, I felt favoured and blessed,” she wrote. 

She also expanded in the book on how the Queen continued to be “consistent” with her after her 1992 separation from Prince Andrew.

“Through all the chaos of the past six months, the Queen and I had stayed consistent,” she said. “She still took my calls, and I still brought her grandchildren to Windsor for tea on Sundays.”

Following the Queen’s death, Sarah has taken on the responsibility of looking after two of her beloved corgis; Muick and Sandy.

The Duchess said it was “a big honour” to be the new owner and said the dogs were “national treasures” and had “been taught well”. 

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